willy wonkas for 24 hours

it’s more than 24 hours now since i started preparing for the christmas eve.

and within this time, several sub-events took place which are worth writing about as i am now in a relaxing and reflective mode.
first is my seeing my favorite bubble gum brand  again after ages when i went to puregold yesterday. 
my fave bubble gum
my fave bubble gum
i immediately instructed arthur, my lone companion, to get a pack and told him that i used to buy this brand when i was still young. i had to mention that it’s more delicious than the new brands of bubble gums nowadays (though i do not anymore eat bubble gum). 
seeing tarzan made me recall fond memories of my chidlhood days. i was a regular customer in tiya rose’s sari-sari store in our neighborhood in ilawod 2, daraga albay. my maternal grandfather, lolo merto,  knew what my next action would be every time i was given 5, 10 or 25 centavos (the highest amount that i had received during that time). once, i was asked if i had an alkansya (counterpart of piggy bank among filipinos). my lolo merto was the one who answered for me in bikol-daraga. “dakuluon ang  alkansya san ni maureen. uyan sa tindan.  sa dulce naubos ang kwarta san kay di yan makatipon.”  (maureen has a big piggy bank. there at the store. she spends her money in buying candies.)
my grandfather was really right! i was a candy addict when i was a kid (it’s a miracle that i am able to have healthy and complete set of teeth!). i loved dilimon, balikutsa, bilikuy  and other local candies whose names i have now forgotten. they were my simple joys. no wonder, we have again decided to pack assorted candies for this year’s young carolers in the village instead of giving them money.
candies for the carolers
candies for the carolers
carefully arranged paper bags by arthur
carefully arranged paper bags by arthur
as i started my cooking yesterday afternoon, arthur, alexander and lancelot were also busy sorting out and packing the simple give-aways. i didn’t have to explain to them what to do because they already knew hot to go about it having to do this for the third time.
at 6 p.m. yesterday, the expected carolers started coming in by batches. today, before noon, everything was given away.
knight, atoy and i took turns in handing each brown paper bag not only to the carolers but to anyone who would knock at our gate and shout “namamasko po!”. and as they left with a happy face for the simple gift, we too were filled with joy.

we are not rich. but with the blessings that are coming (in trickles) to our family after experiencing a roller coaster life for almost a year, we feel that we are the richest in knowing how to share wholeheartedly.


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