The King’s MRD

Busyness was the present state my sons were in yesterday.

And while they’re preoccupied, my hands were full on my kings’ MRD (Most  Requested Dessert) — the tiramizu.
I was successful in making this easy-to-prepare sweet course in three sizes making my sons extremely happy!
Obviously, they have missed my tiramizu. The last time I did this was last April.
Before our late dinner, Alexander checked on the smallest size if it’s already frozen and ready for sampling.
Look what’s  left of it in not less than 30 minutes!
almost gone in less than half an hour
almost gone in less than half an hour
Need I convince you that my kings really like it?
As the afternoon is about to end, the big size is about to be consumed. And it is the last one that we got.  I gave the medium-sized tiramizu to my brother Joseph as a take-out early this morning.
I do not have to wait for the request to be verbalized. I personally announced a while ago that I would  again make tiramizu for our media noche.
My sons’ eyes twinkled as they looked at me.

Their silent “thank-you’s” were enough to remind myself to make it more palatable. 

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