kikay bayongs

since the implementation of ordinance no. 1036-11 or the NO PLASTIC POLICY  in las pinas city, we have collected quite a number of eco bags in different sizes, colors, designs, and prices at home. 

thus, my receiving two native bags for this purpose does not only make me a law-abiding citizen and supporter of the BYOB (bring your own bayong) rule but a consistent patron of our philippine-made products.
the brown one was actually the container for the potpourri of  holiday presents which i surprisingly received this week. a product of a livelihood project in one of the communities in paranaque city (which means this is not from bicol), this  was given to me mainly as a shopping bayong. i had a change of mind though when i saw this because the bayong can also be a fashion bag for me! i will just tie a pashmina on one of its handles, and it will  serve its other purpose.
having a dual purpose to me
having a dual purpose to me
now, the second bag is perfect as an eco-friendly bag substitute. having the size of a hamper, this one can accommodate a half sack of rice and even my youngest son. it is really BIIIIIIIIIIIIG.
initially, when i placed my order to nerissa basco araojo, my regular contact for native bicol bags (see related story at, i was already expecting another masterpiece which i am sure to use often for work. in fact, i was praying that  it could be shipped to me before the institutional christmas party in san beda since it has the red motif. but, it did not happen because of time constraint and her nesscraft philippine ind. was really busy beating deadlines for export market. that’s why i was very grateful when she still accommodated my order despite this toxicity.
to my surprise, this was the bag (it came with 5 smaller bags for gift-giving by my sister nano and myself) which met me when the air21 delivery van arrived in our gate early this afternoon. i was really smiling once i had pulled it out of the brown wrapper.
my biggest native bag so far
my biggest native bag so far
when ness received my text, she gave me a call right away and could not contain her laughter towards my reaction which i expressed via sms.
my text: hi, ness. nag-abot na bags. napaulok ako ta usto aki ko duman sa big bag. pero beauties gabos. i love the bag charms. thanks a lot. dae ko pwedeng gamitun pang-san beda su dakulang bag ta tibad may sumakay. hahaha. pero like na like ko.” (hi, ness. the bags have arrived. i laughed because my son fits in the big bag. i love the bag charms. thanks a lot. i cannot use the big bag  in going to san beda though because someone might ride on it. hahaha. but i like it very much.)
in our telephone conversation, we jokingly talked about my attire which i should be wearing every time i would use this bayong (real name is ruperta large bag) for shopping.  with a wide-brimmed hat, short shorts, and shades with star-shaped or heart-shaped lense, i would be quickly mistaken as a true blue “alabanger” or a kikay shopper.
well, ness fully knew my penchant for big bags. hmmm…perhaps, she was thinking of me when she designed this kind of bag, which sold like hot cakes to foreigners during their megamall trade exhibit last october.
my two kikay bayongs
my two kikay bayongs

my christmas 2012 is truly becoming a merry one with all these new blessings which  deserve to be cherished especially the giver and yes…the designer-supplier-friend.

as for my kikay bayongs, orgullo kan bikol (okb) will be happy to know that i will earnestly support and promote their campaign.
okb campaign poster shared by gov. joey salceda in his facebook account on july 13, 2012
okb campaign poster shared by gov. joey salceda in his facebook account on july 13, 2012

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