wj’s 1st party of the month

going to parties does not appeal much to me.

or rather, i become picky on the kind of social gathering i go to depending on its nature, venue, and the kind of people whom i will be mingling with.
this lunch, i had my very first “party” with my colleagues in the education department. i could have simply turned it down when the invitation was extended to me last week, but i like the people in this department. to add, it was a potluck which indicated that it would be informal and intimate.
among us five teachers who have a load in this department, we agreed to just contribute for the dishes that we would be sharing in the simple luncheon. when the younger education teachers asked for my suggestion, i somewhat felt and even saw it in their smiles that they were hoping that i would suggest the two bicol dishes that they all like. obviously, suggesting this would also mean that i would be personally cooking ginataang laing and bicol express. well, the fact that friday is a non-teaching day for me, i had no reason not to say ‘yes’.
so, around 8:30 a.m. this morning, i had to do a quick trip to the wet market and puregold for all the ingredients. i gave myself an hour to do it since lancelot was left in the house alone. before the 60 minutes elapsed, i was on my way back to our house.
i gave myself one and a half hours to  cook.  simultaneous cooking of these two viands was done making me finish the work as scheduled. i congratulated myself. nothing went wrong with the taste and the amount of ingredients that i prepared was just right (i am not used to preparing dishes in big quantity).
ginataang laing
ginataang laing
bicol express with the garnishing
bicol express with the garnishing
due to the heavy traffic near alabang hills, i was a little late in arriving at the spacious and cold laboratory room, which served as the venue. i was rushing when i met the vice dean for student’s affairs, atty. john jacome (who’s also a bicolano), at the stairs. upon learning that i was going to the potluck, he was gentleman enough to help me carry one eco bag , went with me to the room while carrying a short talk in our dialect. i just wondered where his original destination was. hmmm…was it changed when i informed him that i had with me bicol dishes? maybe yes. maybe no. i failed to find out the real answer because i joined my close friends in one table.
now, the two dishes were up for judging.  since most of the attendees there were non-bicolanos, i was also curious whether they would like these dishes. then, different remarks were verbalized. they elicited a wide smile from me and acknowledged their compliments.
i was happy because i made others happy. besides, the simplicity of the affair added to my happiness. i was not even sputing when i went there.

this lunch affair was just one of the three parties that i would be attending at sbca this december. i hope i will continue to feel the strong camaraderie that bedan teachers have been trying to maintain.


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