the wanderer of oz

“that’s a good find, mau!”

this is what my deceased sister-in-law, sheila, told me when she saw the piece of furniture which i was able to purchase from a garage sale in our matienza neighborhood six years ago.
being an interior designer by profession, she would always be trusted for her excellent taste for beauty and quality by me. that is why when i chanced upon a pair of red (or red berry) limited collection shoes at the alabang hills village bazaar this afternoon, i couldn’t help but remember her  words.
my four-inch red shoes
my four-inch red shoes
oh, yes. up close, the shoes were adorable.  i knew i had to have them the moment they perfectly fit my feet like cinderella.
new and branded (imported by marks and spencer) but sold for only php 1,000.00 by the pretty mestiza-looking owner, i had to practice (again!) my haggling skills. i was a failure during the first round. then, i tried again, this time injecting humor as i haggled. she lowered it by php 50.00 (well, that was a small amount for the entertainment i gave her). third round, i made my last attempt to negotiate praying silently that she would agree to sell it to me at php 700.00 (i thought she would faint when i mentioned my suggested price). she shook her head and then appeared firm when she told me that she could give it to me at php 900.00; no more, no less. 
i did not anymore attempt to do my fourth haggling. i made the decision right there and then. buy the shoes or regret it. they were not only ‘a good find’; they were ‘a best buy’ as well.
upon arriving in our house, i tried my first ever high-heeled red shoes once more. standing at 5’8″, i wished i could stay that way permanently. perhaps, it could be one of the fastest ways to intimidate anyone shorter than i am. ha-ha!
so, when will i be using these shoes — on december 18, which is the college of arts and sciences christmas party or on december 19, which is the institutional christmas party?
hmmm… when and where, i am sure i will be feeling like dorothy in the “the wizard of oz”.
you bet. i am going to tap my heels together thrice and sing…

“when i think of home

 i think of a place where there’s

 love overflowing…”

sooooo in for the red motiff on december 19
sooooo in for the red motiff on december 19

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