surprise 3rd evening sidekick

i love surprises and i got one right after arriving from the sunday mass at 6:25  last night.

alexander wanted to join me in my evening run! a quick ‘YES’ was my answer when he expressed that he’d accompany me. as i changed to my running attire, i could see that he was also fast in donning his own. 
i smiled and thanked him in advance for volunteering. everytime i do my runs in the village, i actually do not extend any invitation to my sons specifically the twins. the first and the last time i invited them (i think it’s more of FORCED THEM), was the week before the alaska family run where we were lucky to join for free last year. i could sense that they did not like what they were doing.
arthur, the older twin, in his first ever run
arthur, the older twin, in his first ever run
alexander, the younger twin, in his first ever run
alexander, the younger twin, in his first ever run
the twins, still with all those baby fats
the twins, still with all those baby fats
that’s why, to hear it from the younger twin to run with me in his own volition was music to my ears.
i set the time in my watch and began our run the moment we closed the gate.
i started slow so he would be able to keep pace with me. i wanted him to enjoy the experience as much as i do. in fact, in my excitement in having  my third chaperone, i failed to let him do a warm-up.
so, we ran…
at 7 minutes, i was still running. and so with alexander. i kept on throwing glances at him checking on his mettle. he was doing great except for his tightly closed mouth while running. i had to remind him to open it and do breathing properly. he followed my instructions.
at 10 minutes, i had to tell him to stop if he felt tired already. i was suspecting that he was pushing himself as he noticed that i didn’t have any plan yet of stopping. right after he heard me say this, he halted and gasped for air. i had to inquire if he was alright. the positive answer which he gave me showed his determination to  finish the run with me.
i decided to let him walk as i do slow running beside him. silently, i was happy with the improvement in my endurance. it was a continuous running for 28 minutes until we reached the mini oval where i was accompanied by waning gibbous and my shadow last night. my son, ran with me just for 1 loop. then, i told him to rest for awhile as i continued my run. i was able to do four loops before di inquired about the time. TING! it was the same way of saying that he wanted to go back to the house.
following the same route, alexander was able to employ his own run-walk strategy. i allowed him to stop whenever he felt like doing it. in our walk, i found time to share to him some terms in running and demonstrated it if he would not understand what i was explaining. i became happier for this show of interest in my passion.
waiting for him to catch up with me, i was feeling a surge of pride for my son. here he was, keeping me company in finishing my day’s training run. he might not have expressed it verbally but i knew he was concerned about my safety.
a few meters away from our residence, he sprinted and i smiled because that was one of the things which i told him about. i knew, our house was his finish line and he did what other runners would do in finishing a run.

i could only utter good remarks and words of encouragement for my accommodating  sidekick after one hour and eight minutes of running. when i asked him if he would join me again next weekend, his reply was another beautiful surprise for me.

it was a YES.

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