population explosion

congratulations to myself! i was able to accomplish one of my plans yesterday.

it was not just a press release after all.
i was able to visit the bazaar in our school main gymnasium on its opening day after my last class at 4:30 p.m.
the tarpaulin at the entrance of the gym
the tarpaulin at the entrance of the gym
accompanied by miss merly, one of the “tres marias” and a close friend, we went to the venue and joined colleagues, students, bedan parents, and outsiders feed our curiosity on what the alumni office has to offer for this year.
 i was partly disappointed because of the limited merchandise for sale, but our going there was not purely in vain. miss merly was the first one to spot what she wanted to buy –  earrings and hair accessories for her youngest daughter.  she took her time inspecting the items carefully while i just watched. the design and the material of the earrings and necklaces were not my preference thats why i was just an audience. you know, i would still go for accessories made of wood. three of our co-teachers were also there and just like miss merly, they succeeded in buying what they liked with big discounts. lucky and privileged bedan teachers!
s we left the stall ahead of the others, i immediately saw the stall where i might find what i was looking for. i inquired and the lady vendor-owner put out a small box which contained figures which made me very happy. it was my day! quickly, i dug in the box and found the new inhabitants of our christmas village.then, i applied my new haggling skills. success! i was also one of the privileged. it was our last stop and at past five o clock, we exited the place.
i was very excited telling my three sons about what i bought from the bazaar when i rode with them in the school service. lancelot wanted to take a look at them already but i told him to wait until we reached our house.
so right after he had changed his clothes, my youngest son got the small boutique bag where i placed the figures. arthur approached him at once when he heard him say “wow!” and uttered his own happiness. afterwards, they already started positioning the additional members even if i was already calling them for dinner.
later on, i just did a little revision on the arrangement while all my three sons were gathered near the village. they all loved the three dogs. according to lancelot, they represent our own pets. and i agreed with him. in my conceding, he requested for more figures.

now, with this abrupt increase in population in our christmas village pnoy might be reiterating to us to support the RH bill!

the three dogs and "me", mau
the three dogs and “me”, mau
the baseball players
the baseball players
kfc's grandfathers
kfc’s grandfathers
the couple
the couple

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