Not for Sale: Stress-Free Day

I was not supposed to be in San Beda College Alabang today, but I reported to accomplish three things.

First, I had to follow up the message of Fr. Gerardo De Villa, OSB, the IBED (Integrated Basic Education) principal for the ruby anniversary souvenir program. I was tasked to do a write-up about it by my program coordinator last semester. Second, I should have my exit clearance for change of status (from a full-time to a part-time teacher) be signed so that I would be able to get my salary. It was withheld since October 25 for the simple reason that I hadn’t submitted the required clearance. Well, not my fault. I was just informed about this s.o.p. last week. Third, I had to meet Merly Mercado and Suzette Palao,  my close friends in the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS),  for the long-delayed lunch date which I set on October 30 to celebrate my twins’ birthday. They were not available, thus it had to be cancelled and rescheduled.
All of these could have been accomplished within the day if the three heads of the offices I went to were around to affix their signature in the clearance. *Sigh!* I had no choice but to leave the form and return tomorrow to retrieve it. Well, I just hope that it will be signed already.
As a whole, my Wednesday was a happy and relaxing one.
Our simple and healthy lunch at North Park, Alabang Town Center made us feel good in spite of  gaining  more pounds.
steamed broccoli
steamed broccoli
lapu-lapu fillet with soft tofu in tausi
lapu-lapu fillet with soft tofu in tausi
boneless fried chicken chops
boneless fried chicken chops
one of my favorite noodles soup: fried prawn dumpling and aniseed beef tendon
one of my favorite noodles soup: fried prawn dumpling and aniseed beef tendon
fried bread with the sweet cream dip, another fave np delicacy
fried bread with the sweet cream dip, another fave NP delicacy
Besides, it became a medium for us three to become closer.
the tres marias
The Tres Marias
Being batchmates in the Languages Department, we were able to develop a kind of friendship that is built on common work ethic, professionalism, trust,  and faith. Our dean even calls us tres marias. I am lucky to have been working with Miss Merly, our ate (eldest “sister”) and Suzette, our bunso (youngest “sibling’). Honestly, they are one of the reasons why I have been enjoying my stay in the CAS. We do not only agree on a lot of things, but we have found out that we possess almost the same values, the same orientation, and we adhere to the same principles. No wonder, the bond that we share despite knowing each other for only four semesters has gone stronger. On difficult times, we had turned to each other for comfort and advice. I can never forget how touched i was when Miss Merly and Suzette informed me that they have been praying for our family during the months that we have been experiencing a lot of trials. I was very lucky and grateful to have found powerful prayer warriors in them. What they prayed for was answered when Larry finally had his overseas work again. Even my husband personally thanked them because I told him that they are our angels.
Another source of happiness was seeing again four friends who are part-timers on Wednesdays and Fridays. If I did not go to the faculty center  today I would not see Sir Osy, the theology teacher, whom I would also exchange pleasantries when I was still a full-time teacher. The kind of welcome that he did convinced me that he was also delighted to see me. To add, his quick documentation of that “reunion” is a full proof that he liked seeing me, too.
with my head, our prefect of discipline and sir osy
with my head, our prefect of discipline and Sir Osy
kikay pose
kikay pose

What a stress-free day! How I wish this could be made available in all stores nationwide.


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