ain’t an angel

in one of my early entries here at,  i was in a very playful mood, thus coming up with this so-called unraveling that would make one wonder whether it’s true or not.

well, i can tell you one part of this confession which is not fictitious — i am no ANGEL. for the other veracity of the other parts in this revelation, you just have to find it out for yourself by having a close encounter with me, the she-devil in a wandering jouster’s clothing (sounds family? hahahaha…)
anyway, this article will not be a medium for a no-holds barred writing about me. i am actually going to talk about an old hobby of mine which i started when i was still single but stopped after 13 years. i used to collect angel figures made of varied materials. this was a hobby which inspired even my husband’s sister that during her wedding in 2004, their give-aways were very cute angels. my sister-in-law has her own set of collection which she failed to bring with her when they migrated to canada. now, her angels are still on-display in their ancestral house in indang, cavite.
now, what about my angels?
most of them have been encaged in a big box up for almost three years now!
when we transferred to the south in 2010, my angels were the ones which had to be carefully boxed and transported. unfortunately, the cabinet where i would place them was not anymore brought to las pinas city due to the space that it would occupy. it was even a cause of “reprimand” from my husband because of my purchasing pieces of furniture when we were in manila  that led to space  problem when we decided to change residence. i did not feel bad where i left it because the next occupant of our two-storey unit was a former student who became lancelot’s godfather, being a very close neighbor to us. it was a sort of an “heirloom” and a remembrance at the same time which he gladly took. minus the angels’ “house” i had to suspend my displaying them again until i totally decided not to. with its decision was also the fizzling out of my hobby which was initially supported by my husband especially when he had no idea how much i would be willing to spend just for an angel (he later on discovered it and called my hobby a ‘vice’). in fact, he gave me an angel on my birthday during our first year of marriage. according to him, it looked like me so he decided to buy it. well, i still have to dig into that box and take a picture of that “cute” angel and let you judge whether my husband’s impression is right.
i think, i am missing my old angels especially those that were given to me by special people in my life. 
the chosen few on top of our christmas tree
the chosen few on top of our christmas tree
silhouette of my bicol-made native angels
silhouette of my bicol-made native angels
the lucky angels who are enjoying their freedom
the lucky angels who are enjoying their freedom
seeing the few chosen angels hanging in our christmas tree and window last saturday, november 17 made me remember those times when i would really go to my favorite figurine shop in quiapo just to see their latest angels for sale. i became a regular customer there. the last time i went to that area near fiate university, the shop was nowhere in sight.
so, what’s in angels that attracted me to them?

they are ANGELS. period. they symbolize the good and the beautiful side of God’s creation. period.

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