Racks Still Rocks

Among the SM branches in Manila, Southmall in Las Pinas City is my second favorite (after the very first SM located in Quiapo). Aside from it’s accessibility from our residence,  it’s space is just right for me. unlike in MOA and Megamall, I do not get dizzy in going around Southmall looking for what I need.

I even like this branch in the south more when it did several renovations. One of which is the food street which offers the best dining experience for those street-smart who love gratifying their hungry  stomachs.
let fs lure you
let fs lure you
And this we did last October 30 (see related story at https://wanderingjouster.com/2012/10/31/double-joys/) though I had the first experience of food street when Edwin Manjares, my friend-batchmate-kumpare, extended a surprise early dinner invitation last August 24 and we had it at Burgoo. 
with edwin at burgoo
With Edwin at Burgoo
yummy order #1
Yummy order #1
yummy order #2
Yummy order #2
refreshing four seasons
Refreshing four seasons

Entering and experiencing racks, the second resto at FS, had me ending my curiosity whether they still serve their palatable grilled falls-off-the-bone baby back ribs which I first fell in love with at their branch in Adriatico Circle (already relocated to the ground floor of Robinson’s place, Manila).

racks, southmall
Racks, Southmall
Surprisingly, it was not only the ribs which satisfied my taste buds and had me forgetting my so-called diet. Their crispy and juicy fried chicken, their carbonara, chowder soup and especially their house-blended iced tea had me burping as a well-fed feline. Without a bottomless iced tea, I had to order for another pitcher of  this delicious beverage that made me practically spending not that much for a dinner for four. Choosing southern favorites from their choices of family platters, we were still able to take out whatever we didn’t consume.
racks exciting and affordable menu
Racks exciting and affordable menu
Racks and Burgoo are just two of the destinations at food street for those whose craving for sumptuous meals needs to be met ASAP.  Personally, I will go back to one of my all-time-favorite food joints, racks. as for Mesa, Hollys Coffee, Tokyo Cafe, Black Canyon Coffee, Almon Marina, Blackbeard’s Seafood Island, Agave Mexican Cantina, Giligan’s, Tous Le Jours, Hainanese Delights, and others  I still have to find out whether they will go beyond the truth in advertising as regards what they can offer to food lovers like me…

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