I may be boasting if I say that I’m good with dates, but really I am.

I am a human memo to my husband, siblings, and even to my friends as regards special events that should be remembered in our lives.
Today, October 29, I had to message a very good friend to greet him and his wife on their paper wedding anniversary. It’s my simple way of saying that the both of them are truly special to me, and I join them in celebrating their one year of togetherness.
Theirs was a beautiful love story to tell, but I do not have the immunity to talk about it in my blog. What I can only say is that their wedding at St. Peter Shrine Parish was truly solemn and memorable.
 Here are snapshots from the said occasion.
With the groom before the start of the ceremony
ed and mavic's wedding 29.10.11 005
With Alden, another katribu 86 and Ed’s best friend
One of the groom’s friends
ed and mavic's wedding 29.10.11 010
With the newlyweds
with the other bicolanos at the reception
With the other Bicolanos at the reception
at the presidential table
At the presidential table
with the flower girls
With the flower girls
Looking at this documentation again, I could only smile and be happy for Ed (Edgardo) and Mavic Monforte. With this comes a prayer that theirs will have a fairy tale ending.

Destiny willed it for them to be husband and wife. May it also be willed that they’ll be celebrating more years of marital bliss.

4 thoughts on “Cheers!

  1. just dropping a note here———why didn’t you wear that kind of outfit during Nok’s wedding. why donned a Filipiniana attire when you can bare your shoulders for others like that without your topknot hairstyle.

    My first time seeing you in that type of strapless gown accentuated with metallic shawl ( or is that also a wrap?) and you’ve decided to loosen those long locks…again, in contrast with your 2011 public appearance with us 🙂 I was imagining you walking on the red carpet during the Oscars, arm in arm with the crowd’s favorite, Daniel Day-Lewis or you wish I’d rather say Hugh Jackman haha.


    1. i, being one of the principal sponsors in nok’s wedding, would surely catch so much attention because of being out of place in that black gown. hehehehehe. besides, i was not a sponsor when i attended this wedding.

      friend, there is always a first time. hahahahahaha…being a theater person, i love experimenting on my looks. 🙂 besides, i don’t like a monotonous and predictable appearance in occasions like this.:-)

      you are right. i guess i was hallucinating that i was in the oscars the day i donned that attire. hahahahahaha…


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