Carpe Diem!

Seize the day!

From October 26 to 27, this is what my family (minus my husband), my sister, and my brother with his family had in mind. It was a priceless moment that would rarely occur among us very busy people that when Nonoy extended the invitation to go out of town last Friday, I didn’t dare entertain any negative response. I knew, it  promised a lot of quality bonding time which was  sure to strengthen our relationship  despite missing She,  my sister-in-law, in our midst.
Subic Base was our destination early morning of October 26. At around 5:00 am, we left my brother’s residence at BF Paranaque, which served as our assembly area. We reached Camayan Beach resort before eight o’ clock.
c1 c2 c3 c4 c5 c6
There, we enjoyed the calm and clean waters being one of the early swimmers. We did not rent any cabana since we would only stay there for about three hours before going to Vista Marina Hotel and Resort where we would be billeted until lunch of the next day. 


Spreading a native mat on the sand, we got ready to partake of the breakfast prepared by my brother’s companions – Teri, Sheila’s  best friend; Jude, his sister-in-law, and Gene, their househelp. And while everything was being set, my three sons and niece Margaret, did not delay their enjoyment of the beach.


c11 c12

Being one of the first groups who had the same goal that morning, we almost had the place to us alone. Everyone, including myself, freely savored the uncrowded area. And even before we gave in to the call of our hungry stomach, I did my first dip into the waters. The first contact soothed me at once. Just what I was looking for after a toxic week in school.
We had around 30 minutes of swimming before we took our first meal together for the day though before leaving our own house at 3:30 am. I already let my children and the hired driver eat as early as three o’ clock. It was a simple meal that satisfied everyone and tempted several monkeys to have a taste, too, if not shooed by us. Then, swimming and documentation resumed.

c15 c16 c17 c18


In the middle of our swimming, I found time to try running on the shore minus my shoes. I only succeeded doing two rounds having found out that it’s really difficult to run on the sand especially when one is barefooted. I stopped and returned to the waters. I told myself that next time, I would bring my rubber shoes already and be serious in doing a training run on a sandy track.
At 11:30 am we packed our things up for our final getaway station which we reached after a 35-minute drive. I stole a glance at my youngest son. Excitement was etched all over his face when he was told that a big pool awaited them.  After being told that we had to leave Camayan Beach, he thought that it also ended the swimming treat from their Tito Joseph.
At Vista Marina, we checked in at once. Then as I settled down in our respective rooms, I silently uttered “carpe diem” to myself.


You know, I first encountered this phrase in Robin Williams’ award-winning film “Dead Poets  Society.” Now, as I picked the title for this brief but memorable escapade, I found out that this is actually a part of a longer phrase Carpe diem quam minimum credula postero (translation: “Seize the Day, putting as little trust as possible in the future”). In the Ode of Horace, it says that the future is unforeseen, and that instead one should scale back one’s hopes to a brief future, and drink one’s wine. Similarly, I remember Gandhi’s quote “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” which has guided and led me to having this great appetite for life. The first line “Live as if you were to die tomorrow” reminds me to make the most of each moment because I never know when I will cease breathing. Thus, in every opportunity when I can be with my loved ones, I make sure that I’ve let them feel how much they mean to me. Second ticks fast, so my chance in serving my purpose in life shortens. Nobody hold’s one future. This is one reality that we are all aware of.
Carpe diem! Seize the day! Live life to the fullest! Frankly, I need not remind myself of this constantly for I have loved life from the moment I was blessed with this miraculous gift. Obviously, my companions in that one night and two-day break shared the same sentiments as mine.
The night of October 26, only two of us – Nonoy and me – did not join the swimming spree. I simply played the role of a photographer. Everyone was having a grand time at the pool.


Early morning of October 27, we got up early to explore the rest of Moonbay Marina where other hotels like Lighthouse Marina Resort, Subic Park Hotel, and Cascade Hotel were located. With my sister and three sons, I  strolled leisurely enjoying the morning’s sights and sounds at the bay. After an hour of walking, we felt we were ready for our breakfast.





What came next is surely predictable –  the swimming part again. I joined my sons, niece, and her nanny at the pool. But, I did not stay long.
After taking a shower, I made a personal walk towards the stalls which  were selling ethnic accessories along Waterfront Road.



None appealed to my eyes. I returned to the hotel and joined the adults, gathered in the other room. There, I saw my sister Nano, plucking the grey hairs of our brother. I smiled. It was so thoughtful of my sister to help him get rid of the white strands. Afterwards, she extended the same offer to me where I had to think twice before accepting since I have my plan about keeping the other color of my “crown.” She persisted and I gave in. It did decrease the number of my grey hairs.
I stayed in the room for a while exchanging pleasantries with Teri. Then, an hour before my brother announced that we’re about to  check out, everyone was ready to say au revoir to Vista Marina Hotel.






We had three stopovers  before we finally left Subic. Not to be forgotten were the souvenir shots we had with the US carrier and anchored yachts as the background. What made me happier was seeing runners on the road finishing a triathlon within the area and bumping into a former student in San Beda in one of the bag shops that we entered.  c39



For our lunch, we became a little Americanized as “Tita” Teri (to my sons) treated us to a 16-inch S & R pizza at Puregold Duty Free. She knew what would satisfy my sons! Indeed, it was an advanced birthday treat for my twins from another generous sponsor.
The end of the quick lunch signaled the end of the day. Since my brother’s group would still go to Valenzuela City, we had to say our goodbyes and sincerest thanks for the wonderful treat. You see, Joseph is Arthur and Alexander’s  Titong (Tito-Ninong). He made their 14th  birthday on October 30 already very memorable.

As we went on a convoy up to Pampanga City, I know that our separation will just be temporary. With our mutual zest for life, I’m certain that we will always find time to share that. 


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