spunky moves

from the day i started writing on the variety show entitled “xtraordinarily loaded @40″, you would be able to plot the varied emotions which i showed in my first three articles about it. today, i am about to come up with the fourth and hopefully the last write-up on this historical event not only in our school but also in me.

but first, let me have a brief review  on these previous entries:
 “groovin’ in blazing red” (https://wanderingjouster.com/2012/10/08/groovin-in-blazing-red/) : i proudly announced and confirmed the  participation of the college of arts and sciences in this concert via posting the photos of the tarpaulin and show ticket.
“breaking a leg” (https://wanderingjouster.com/2012/10/21/breaking-a-leg/) :  i started expressing my anxiety on the kind of preparation our department was doing. with the nearing performance date, the first rehearsal that we had did not have a follow-up. the choreographer and majority of the participants seemed to forget the responsibility at hand.
“1980′s era went pfft” (http://wanderingjouster..com/2012/10/23/1980s-era-went-pfft/) :   i revealed the failure of the college to come up with the production number, thus the expected non-appearance of our group despite the publicity. 
now, in “spunky moves”  i want you to discover what transpired in the  concert as i go through this timeline that took place yesterday. be able to give us your verdict at the end of this brief trip.
9:30 a.m. : i arrived late in school with my 1980 costume and accessories after reading a text message from a co-performer that instead of dancing, we would just do a fashion show.
10:45 a.m. : eight of us dancers proceeded to the gym for the general rehearsal. several groups were having their separate practices while a group was presently on stage doing their number as cued by the show director, roderick santos. we stayed near the bleacher and started polishing the routines for the folk dance. it was easy for me to do the steps since i was one of the original dancers of the same folk dance which we presented in “the bedanz concert” last march this year. three had to be patiently taught. what counted a lot was their willingness to complete the number of performers from our college.
11:30 a.m. : our group waited for the director to give us the go-signal to occupy the stage. seconds…minutes…an hour passed. our choreographer had to approach sir deck and tell him that we were ready to perform.
12:10 p.m. : our eight-man dance group finally set foot on the stage to practice our number. but before our spot, a solo kundiman singer had to render the last few lines to prompt us for our entrance. then, we made use of the time given to us to rehearse on stage.
12:25 p.m. : in haste, we were asked to go back on stage to have  one round for our 1980′s fashion show. at the backstage, we directed our entrance and exit which was partly approved by the director. when we’re done with the quick practice, we were reminded to make use of the three first cuts as our music during the final show.  the key word is “maximize” the use of the music and stage. we knew, we had to remember it.
12:45 p.m. : we took our lunch, provided by san beda to the performers. prof. manalo joined us in the faculty center and started distributing the complimentary shirts to the performers who were sure to appear on stage at two o’ clock in the afternoon.
1:15 p.m. :  we were instructed to change to our costumes. being not new to the ins and outs of  stage performances, i knew what to do. after the costume change,  i did my own make-up. 
2:05 p.m. : we proceeded to the gym for the start of the concert, matinee show. 
pictorial ala-bayanihan dance troupe...
pictorial ala-bayanihan dance troupe…
ready at the backstage minus one...
ready at the backstage minus one…
2:45 p.m.  : our first formal appearance on stage in our folk dance attire took place. with all the dignitaries in the audience, we had to give the highest performance level. unfortunately, not me. i went out of focus and had to catch up doing the correct routines when i noticed that my direction was wrong. i didn’t like it. then, i told myself to avoid the same faux pas  in the gala show.
3:00 p.m. : with a slightly dampened spirit due to the blooper, i went to the faculty center to rest and wait for the time that we would change to our 1980′s attire.
on-break at the faculty center before the second spot
on-break at the faculty center before the second spot
4:15 p.m. : we returned to the venue to wait for our second spot after hearing the music which served as our prompter that our number was already near.
4:35 p.m. : on cue, each one of us appeared like professional mannequins on stage. it was our moment as the spotlight was on us. i internalized the role that i was playing –  that of a real ramp model. my energy was high and i was an enjoying it! then, on the third music, as we all went out on stage in full force, our choreographer started dancing! and as if one string connected us, we all followed suit. the biggest surprise was, our movements were synchronized despite the impromptu choreography. as we exited the stage, we were all smiling unmindful of the look that we received from the other performers.
spunky… this was the lone adjective that i could think of over and over again after the show. i know we bypassed the director’s decision of not letting us do the 1980′s dance. we followed what we all felt was right at that moment. in unison, we became courageous in doing something just to prove that we’re part of the bedan community in realizing the show’s objective.
as of now, i am curious to know what the director and the other performers’ reactions are. we may be privately celebrating the success of what we did, but personally, we are to be blamed for the unpreparedness of our department. i cannot wedge myself from the group and shout that i was not in one with them as regards “unprofessionalism”. we are a team…a family. thus, in those spunky moves, we manifested it.
what i encountered yesterday was all new to me. i might be chuckling and shaking my head as i recall what happened on that stage, but i would always have a room for admiration to everyone who did their best to save the name of the college of arts and sciences.

i welcome this new experience as it made me realize again that no matter what the situation is, the show must still go on…but make sure though to possess the perfect combination of talent and gutsiness.


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