not just a punctuation mark

to privately celebrate my receiving “best teacher” award for two consecutive years (see related story on, i decided to gift myself a white tunic blouse. 

the white blessy tunic
the white blessy tunic
(see more of this white tunic at it took me around three days before i finally found the cut and style that i’ve always wanted in this top.
a’postrophe shop at alabang town center, ground floor has made me an instant patron when i saw one of the apparels that they are selling. it was just what i was looking for! my curiosity has made the egyptian mau (mau means cat in egypt) in me live  times two of my nine lives (they say curiosity kills the cat…).
going closely to the blouses that were hung made my smile wider. an array of tunics in beautiful and unique designs met me. i could not even decide which one to pick until i saw a moss green blessy tunic. then, i inquired if they had a white color of the same design. the affirmative reply was all that was needed to end my search.
while waiting for the sales clerk to hand me the item, my eyes feasted on the smorgasbord of fashion items that obviously were of different origins. they screamed novelty to me. right there and then, i was sure that i would go back to that shop. like alice, i would surely  take my time as i go on with my trip inside that modern-world wonderland.
what would i buy next in a’postrophe? tunic blouse again? bohemian earrings? gypsy pendants? ethnic bangles? a mask? scarf? whatever it is, i am definite my being a self-proclaimed fashionista will be satisfied.

a’postrophe had already whet my appetite. it’s about time that i satiate it.

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  1. from the start I knew you have that ethic blood in you 🙂

    This is my second time congratulating you for receiving that award–it’s priceless. I bet there will a third, a fourth…and more recognition. Baka naman maging dean ka niyan in a year or two. Pag nangyari yan sana di mo ko makalimutan pag may bagong blog ka na.


    1. yes, friend. i am even planning to trace my bloodline one of these days. 🙂 who knows, i am one of these indigenous people.

      thank you so much.

      dean? the most remote possibility. my calling is to teach, teach and teach…:-)


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