pleasing the kings

i love cooking. ergo, i love eating. this is the reason why i experiment on new dishes especially if i liked their taste.

kandingga, the counterpart of bopis in bicol, is one of the native delicacies that i missed eating. since i have not found this from any restaurant here in manila, i decided to try cooking it myself for the first time last wednesday night in the absence of my husband who doesn’t share the same taste buds as mine. 
yummy kandingga on a platter
yummy kandingga on a platter
with all the ingredients bought when i did my marketing last sunday, i boiled  the whole pork lungs and heart with little salt until they became tender. after boiling, i let it cool for about 30 minutes. then, i patiently chopped them into small cubes. this is actually the tiring part in preparing this viand.
i did not have any written recipe with me. what guided me in cooking was my making a connection that the preparation of kandingga is somewhat similar to how i cook adobo.
so what procedure did i follow?
first, i placed the cubed pork lungs and heart in a medium-sized pan. second, i added 6 cloves of onions, chopped 1 big red onion, dried bay leaves, and ground black pepper. then, i poured the calculated amount of vinegar from kaong tree (one of the products of indang, cavite) and soy sauce. i added a little amount of fish sauce for the right taste of saltiness. 
once all the ingredients were complete, i covered them and let them boil. tasting followed after around 40 minutes checking on the combination of sourness and saltiness. once i became satisfied with the taste, i set aside the cooked pork lungs and heart.
now the sauteing followed. i put a little amount of cooking oil on the pan, then sauteed  the garlic and the onions  until golden brown. finally,  i added the cooked lungs and heart. then again, i did the final tasting of my kandingga.
my sons, especially the older of the twins, are my judges when it comes to my cooking. thus, when arthur had his first taste of this home-cooked delicacy, i waited for his verdict in suspense.
hear ye, hear ye! it passed the king’s taste!
i was happy of course. one of my simple joys is to be complimented on with my so-called talent in cooking.

after gaining confidence in cooking kandingga, i will surely try preparing more quantity of this the next time i cook it. perhaps, let the non-bicolanos have a taste of it and let’s see if they will also love it just like  my ginataang laing, ginataang santol, and bicol express.

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