a knight’s checkmate

after a one and a half-day absence, knight was able to report to school yesterday. i was very happy for him because it means he would be able to attend the san beda college alabang  grade 1 and 2 family day today, october 13.

front of the invite
front of the invite
back of the invite
as expected, i did not find it hard to wake him up. call time was 7 o’clock for the registration. official opening of the event will be at 8:00 a.m. minus my husband, who could have driven us to san beda, my three sons and i had to commute via tricycle in going out of the village. luck was with us when a taxi passed us by along alvarez avenue and it stopped immediately when i hailed it. so, from the tricycle terminal, it only took us around 25 minutes in going to the venue. php 100 (the php 12 as tip) was not bad at all. to add, the driver was very courteous and amiable.
again, i was thankful that we arrived in time and joined the disney team in its designated area. 
the orange family's team
the orange family’s team
as i glanced at my youngest in the official grade two family day  shirt, i could see the excitement building up in him especially when he saw the red loot bags. it was already something to motivate him to do well in the game that he was assigned to play. and so, we waited and participated from the start.
my excited knight
my excited knight
happily waiting for the program to start
happily waiting for the program to start
for the third time, i was thankful. the flow of the program was not boring. the high level of energy was maintained. when it was already knight’s turn to play, i cheered him on.
knight in-action
knight in-action
he did great! i smiled, gave him the two thumbs-up sign, and was very very happy.
knight did not show any hesitation in playing the relay game where they had to scoop various goodies from a big rubber pool and transfer them to a box. from the time he queued  with the other players for game 3, he knew what he was going to do and he showed confidence.
queuing for game 3
queuing for game 3
seeing my son in that game made me conclude that he had finally overcome his shyness in participating in games especially in birthday parties. this was even confirmed when he personally told me in our house that he already liked playing games. he gave his reason:  “i am already old, nanay,” he proudly told me.
showing his hard-earned prize
showing his hard-earned prize
i rejoiced and hugged him.
you know, this son of mine had a traumatic experience in joining parlor games when he was only four years old. as far as i can recall,  we attended a cousin’s birthday party. during that time, he loved being in any game. unfortunately, the team that he belonged to lost and he was the last player. he blamed himself for the loss, and he could sense that his teammates felt the same way. from then on, he would never again join any game. in fact, he showed no interest in attending any of his classmates’ birthday parties when he already attended school. i did not force him since just the thought of parties make him remember that bad experience.
at age eight, he was able to conquer that shyness. he also succeeded in teaching himself to be tougher in any competition. win or lose, he now knew how to handle this kind of situation.
knight with his friends
knight with his friends

thank you for this family day. it has given my knight his  moment to shine again…what a checkmate on his shyness!

enjoying hand wrestling
enjoying hand wrestling
grade 2 dance performance
grade 2 dance performance
the dancing knight
the dancing knight

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