groovin’ in blazing red

hanging proudly across the first entrance  of the college of arts and sciences building is the tarpaulin that bears the faces of 17 bedan professors, mine included. we are part of the variety show entitled “extraordinarily loaded @ 40!”  where we are expected to groove to the 1980′s dance era.

the tarpaulin
the tarpaulin
the college of arts and sciences maneuvers
the college of arts and sciences maneuvers
in my wandering jouster and bedan color
in my wandering jouster and bedan color
this dance concert, which is still one of the activities lined-up for the ruby anniversary celebration of san beda college alabang, will be staged for the benefit of fr. andy formilleza foundation and the sbcea cooperative.
fr. andy, osb was one of the monks in the abbey of our lady of monserrat, manila and was the former chaplain in sbca. he died july 20 last year. my three sons were lucky to have him as their celebrant in their gala masses .
rev. andres ma. f. formilleza, osb
rev. andres ma. f. formilleza, osb
originally scheduled last august 20, this show was moved to october 24 because of the suspension of classes due to flooding. with the final show  date fast approaching, the college professors who have committed themselves for this big day have to ready and make themselves available for the rigid rehearsals that will start tomorrow, october 9. which means to say, we only have 15 days to prepare and come up with a performance worth watching!
the show ticket
the show ticket
i can sympathize with our main choreographer, prof.  cynthia n. manalo, the program coordinator of the PE department. in this kind of show, the building up of tension is sometimes too much to bear especially if from the start, there is already difficulty in convening the performers. with my past experiences in dance choreography, i wonder if “manay” cnythia  will handle us in the douglas nieras’ trademark –  all profanities and lambasting in the air for a mediocre performance. ever sweet and charming, i want to see her fangs on our very limited practice dates.

meanwhile, i will support her wish that all of us 17 dancers would be complete tomorrow and be true to our words that we are joining this program for the good of the bedan community and in unison say  “that in all things GOD may be glorified!”

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