One Is Enough, Two Is Too Much

“Ooops… I did it again…”

Do you know this song from Britney Spears? I silently sang this line when my name was called as the “Best Teacher of the Year 2012″ awardee to clinch last night’s World Teachers’ Day celebration in the College of Arts and Sciences titled “Teachers’ Tribute.”
first group pic of the bedan teachers
first group pic of the Bedan teachers
with my very close friends in the languages and humanities department
with my very close friends in the languages and humanities department
with the french teacher and my program coordinator
with the French teacher and my program coordinator
photo-op before the program
photo-op before the program
enjoying the sumptuous dinner
enjoying the sumptuous dinner
For the second time, I was greatly humbled by this recognition by the student populace not to mention the standing ovation I received  from several colleagues and friend as I stood to accept the plaque. 
the award
the award
the awardee and the award
the awardee and the award
To be the conferee of the same award last year was already something for me to be inspired in continuing what I started 21 years ago in the academe (see related story I have never imagined that  my second family, San Beda College Alabang,  will be very generous in letting me feel that I have accomplished much in this institution.
Frankly, I do not aim for any distinction. If there is one thing I will consider as a laurel, it is my students’ learning about values that cannot be equated with money. It is my sculpting not only a human but a humane out of them when I can say that I have achieved my goal as an educator.  Making them proficient speakers of the English language will just be a bonus for me.
There are a lot of people who are partly responsible for what I have become as a teacher. I owe them the  zest and passion I put into my work every time I am with my students. I am confident that I will never feel tired in quenching my students’  thirst for knowledge.
Above all these individuals whom I have encountered in my chosen profession and have influenced me one way or the other, it is our Lord Almighty whom I will be forever grateful to. He is the one who created me  to be endowed with this priceless gift. Without Him, I am NOTHING… so, it is but fitting to personally lead our daily session in the classroom with a prayer to give back all the glory to Him.

As I privately bask on this accolade, I know what I will be doing in the coming days and years — continue  touching the lives of my students with the right mixture of being a disciplinarian and a total “performer”…

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