Late this afternoon, I was one of the recipients of a simple invite in celebration of San Beda College Alabang’s  World Teachers’ Day on Friday, October 5. 

the cover
The cover
the second page in my favorite shade
The second page of the invite
I smiled and realized how time really flies fast. A year had already passed when I celebrated my very first Teachers’ Day in the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS). It was titled “Teachers’ Tribute”  which took place on September 30, 2011.
last year's invite with the wh-info at the back
Last year’s invite with the wh-info at the back
getting ready for the special mass for teachers
Getting ready for the special Mass for teachers
cas faculty after the mass
CAS faculty after the Mass
prof. manalo, a kababayan, sharing her bouquet for a pictorial
Prof. Manalo, a kababayan, sharing her bouquet for a pictorial
enjoying the sumptuous dinner with friends
Enjoying the palatable dinner with friends
documentation with friends and bosses
Documentation with friends and administrators
New that I was, I became very obedient in attending  the affair since it would be my first time to experience just sitting and watching the program (when I was teaching in the grade school,  we were the ones to be paid tribute to, but we were actually the very people who prepared the program for ourselves). That evening actually turned out to be full of surprises.
I  was handed two awards – the “Never Late” and the “Teacher of the Year” (female) – which I have never thought to receive that soon. How did they pick the awardees? A student poll was conducted and those who garnered the most votes in the five awards that the SG gives annually were automatically declared as official awardees. With the affixed signatures of the Prefect of Student Activities, Vice Dean for Student Affairs and the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences on the  plaques, I felt very much honored. The positive reception was overwhelming.
with prof. perfecto tagura jr., the male "teacher of the year" awardee
With Prof. Perfecto Tagura Jr., the male “Teacher of the Year” awardee

I was humbled with the recognition I got from my students. It was a proof that I have succeeded in meeting their standards for a professor.

the news article published in the bedan herald, october 2011 issue
The news article published in the Bedan Herald, October 2011 issue
When I decided to teach in SBCA, my mind was never set for any accolades. My principle from the start has been to teach my students to the best of my ability and not to please them for any tangible reciprocation such as the awards. It was my main goal to continue the mission I have promised to fulfill ever since I became an educator. 
I am looking forward to this Friday affair not because I am being presumptuous that I will repeat the double feat, but to grace a tribute for us. It is the moment when I will again feel how respected and loved I am by my students. Besides, I know that the people behind the affair took pains in making us feel special on our day. Surely, my presence there is a silent response that I am privileged to be their teacher, and whoever will be chosen to receive any one of this year’s  awards, I am sure it is well-deserved.
tarpaulin at the staircase landing
Tarpaulin at the staircase landing
the world teachers' day logo
The World Teachers’ Day logo

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