gines training camp

today will be the seventh day that we are having a westernized-inspired set-up at home.

since may 10, we have no luck in finding a househelp after carol, who served us for three years, decided to resign to pursue her dream of earning a degree in our province. without an “angel” in our house, our routine was greatly affected especially when classes resumed last june and my husband had to go out of the country again just recently.
now, i am faced with a challenge whether my boys and i will be able to master this arrangement.
every morning, i am tasked to wake early to prepare our breakfast. then around 6:15  a.m., i have to wake up my sons so we can eat together. after our breakfast, i will prepare the dogs’ morning meal.
my youngest will be the first one to use the bathroom, followed by me. while we are preparing, our twins are already doing their assigned chore — washing the dishes and cleaning the table. the twins are the last to prepare since they are fetched by the school service at around 7:30 a.m. as expected, they will be the ones to ensure that the the breaker is down, the water meter is not running, and the doors are locked.  before seven o’ clock strikes, lancelot and i are expected to be off the road so that i won’t be late for my 8 a.m. class. sadly, with my not knowing how to drive our car, we have to commute daily.
in the afternoon, i have to be home before my kings are dropped off by the service between 6:15 – 6:45 p.m. by then, our table is set for dinner. after dinner, the dogs’  turn to have theirs. i am the one who lets them eat but for two evenings now, alexander had tried taking this assignment.
so what happens to my knight in the college of arts and sciences while waiting for his afternoon class at 12:20 p.m.? he tags along with me and increases the number of students in my first two classes.
last tuesday, september 25, it was his first time to be with me. i thought, he’d agree to just stay in my workplace until the time would prompt me that he should be taken to his own department around 11:00 a.m. which means, i have to leave my class 10 minutes earlier to give me time to walk with him up to the grade school campus.
unfortunately, it did not happen.
he joined me in my first class that caused a little commotion and noise. i had to make a quick explanation to my students when i entered with him. i felt awkward, but i had to hold on to my composure. or, i think i became  fungus-faced (borrowing a coined term by sen. mirriam santiago). well, i also saw that knight was not comfortable when i let him occupy a seat in a corner. he made it obvious when he transferred to a chair near the teacher’s table placing  himself be at the front row. 
my second class gave the same reception of my “shadow”.  what was different though in this class was he found a chatting buddy in so short a time. his seatmate knew what topic to start with him — the anime stories. thus, when i was already discussing the lesson at hand, i could hear a small voice that’s already enjoying the talk. i had to give him a signal so he’d keep quiet. thank God, he did control his mouth, but, he had to approach me every now and then to inquire about the time. well, this son of mine doesn’t want to be late just like his mother! talk about inherited punctuality.
now, will this scenario be repeated after a week as he joins me again?
right after tuesday last week, knight was not with me because my ever-reliable sister nano filed a leave of absence so she could be with us as we make the adjustment. it was perfect timing because according to her, she really had to use her leaves. but, it was just temporary.

the search for a new “angel” is still going on.

but frankly, i am not worried if we become unsuccessful. our set-up now is the best time for me to expose and train my children to troubleshooting in the family. i want them to learn things the hard way because it’s reality. i don’t want them to get what they want on a platter. with this experience that we have been going through, i want them to become independent because it will not be forever that i will be with them.

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