the rose among the thorns or the thorn among the roses? let the picture  speak for it…

clockwise: gary, yep, rene, medvil, me, bong, and razi
clockwise: gary, yep, rene, medvil, me, bong, and razi
our self-proclaimed manila group get together took place last night at friday’s, alabang town center. in attendance were rene “ren”  acebuche, gary  “ga” jadie, medvil “med” mediavillo (my cousin), peter paul “bong” pelino, cesar “razi” velasco, jr. ,  me  and surprise, surprise,  rev. fr. jeffrey “yep” balde, o.p., who is now a las pinero  (a most welcome piece of information since this will spell regular meetings and strengthening our being a tribu). the six  of us came from our respective work while bong came all the way from megamall where he had a lunch date with three female batchmates who could not make it to atc because it’s far from them.
this date at friday’s (which was originally set at chili’s) was actually organized by razi for bong as a despedida since the latter would already be going back to his overseas work tomorrow, september 15. to add, razi had to make up for his failure to attend  bong’s son’s ninth birthday party last september 1 which gary (with  his two sons)  and i (with my three sons) were able to go to.
clockwise: gary, me, bong, and garys son
clockwise: gary, me, bong, and garys son
well, i gave credit to razi being there as early as 5:30 p.m. when  the call time was at 7:00 p.m. i was the second to arrive. after 20 minutes, they  came one after the other making me realize that i would be the lone female in that gathering. i readied myself…i know my high school batchmates-classmates-friends so well that my presence there would mean being open to whatever kind of discussion that would transpire including my being put on the hot seat…it’s  jousting time for me…
last night was really a precious moment for us seven. the demands of our specific job  would often make it difficult for us to set bonding time like this.  imagine, it’s more than a year  that  i hadn’t  seen the five of them. gary and i were lucky to have  two  accidental meetings at puregold. yep’s presence was even considered a treat to all of us since he’d seldom pop out in events like this. well, we took it as an honor to have him around last night. a life of the party, he had never stopped amusing us with his antics.
indeed, it was a relaxing after-teaching-hour activity for me. i was able  to unwind via the stories that we exchanged. laughter was almost unstoppable. it was a beautiful feeling to be one of the boys!

our group was the last customer to leave. the guard who held the door open and thanked us in bikol dialect obviously felt his kababayan’s strong camaraderie…

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