kindred sister

in my article entitled  “our saga” (see, i traced the history of my friendship with soc and francis.  today, i have to introduce to you another character in my story as our saga continues.

school year 1989-1990 was our on-campus training at the philippine  normal college laboratory school. our section was split into two to be under a different critic teacher. we were mighty glad that the three of us were placed under one teaching training supervisor, mr. jess sulit. it was this semester that our troika became a quatro.
erlinda “beth” dacayan was warmly welcomed by us. aside from possessing likeable traits, she also adhered to the same principles as ours. she was as vocal as we when it came to speaking out our minds in and out of the classroom. what made her stand out of the rest is her feistiness  to argue with anyone including our professor in world literature.  a pure-blooded cavitena, she knew how to win a battle. with beth joining our group, college life  became more exciting. 
troika to quatro
troika to quatro
with other classmates in our college uniform
with other classmates in our college uniform
one unique fact about us was that we had different religious views  – Iglesia Ni Kristo, Catholicism, Mormonism, and Born-Again Christian. but never did we talk about our differences and make it as a subject for debate. we would rather talk about our common motivation in finishing our education. our pact then was to meet regularly once we had our stable jobs. unfortunately, this did not materialize.
we also counted around three years before we became complete. april 19, 1994, soc, francis, and i had to meet and proceed to binakayan, cavite hoping that beth would still be in her old residence.  we found out that she was no longer living there, but luck was still with us that day. we were led to her new address that gave her one of the biggest surprises of her life. that meeting was declared as our first official reunion as  professional teachers.
first reunion with beth at picnic grove, tagaytay city
first reunion with beth at picnic grove, tagaytay city
december 20, 1997 was the last time that the four of us became complete. all of us had no idea that it would take us long years before we get to form the four-corner polygon again. 
the four of us with soc's nanay (this photo also appeared in "our saga")
the four of us with soc’s nanay (this photo also appeared in “our saga”)
in my last year’s get-together with soc and francis, beth was not there. and even if she wanted to be with us,  the distance that separated her from us did not allow it. for four years now, beth has been residing in qatar with her husband, eden.
beth and eden in qatar
beth and eden in qatar
yes, social networking has kept the connection among us four. but, we all know that it  is not enough.

it is my fervent wish that soonest, we would reunite and share the stories we all love telling —  how we emerged as victors in our respective personal battle.

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