duality for a day

august 30, 2012 was the college of arts and sciences (cas) languages and humanities department’s culminating activity in celebration of the “buwan ng wika”.

this is one of the events in college which i always look forward to mainly because i get to wear and strut in my favorite philippine costume for the whole day.

for my new students, my entering the classroom in my muslim with a touch of maranao (according to a friend) attire, elicited different responses. for my old students, it was no longer new to see me in those clothes. knowing that i am a self-proclaimed  “muslim convert”, my choice of dress when it’s regular class day is a clear proof of that. no wonder in last year’s “bnw” celebration, i proudly donned my maharlika or should i say royalty dress.
pre-linggo ng wika shoot
pre-linggo ng wika shoot
proud to be a maharlika for a day...
proud to be a maharlika for a day…
with my co-bedan professors in their chosen philippine costume
with my co-bedan professors in their chosen philippine costume
this year, was no different. same excitement. same sense of pride. i made sure that i would be a “true blue” pinoy from the mindanao region through my attire. again, even just for a day. 
in black and white costume wearing the veil which a muslim friend gave me...
in black and white costume wearing the veil which a muslim friend gave me…
with my pschology students...happy to belong...
with my pschology students…happy to belong…
with another muslim princess
with another muslim princess
you might be curious why i have a penchant for muslim attire. frankly, being in this costume made me show the muslim women’s characteristics which i believe i also possess. for harun yahya (http://harunyahya.com/en/works/41978/character-traits-of-a-muslim), a muslim woman is strong-willed: “a person’s impertinent word, attitude or criticism does not make her feel discouraged or lose her will. she never stoops to give any emotional reactions, to be pessimistic or feel offended. for instance, no matter what befalls her, she experiences the ease of knowing that Allah is infinitely just, that He sees and knows everything, that nobody is “wronged by so much as the smallest speck.”
second, she is brave: “the courage of a muslim woman stems from her soul that is free from any anxiety regarding the life of this world. her profound submission and trust in Allah prevents her from being concerned about losing her possessions or life. Allah creates a human being and He is also the One Who ends his life. Similarly it is Allah who grants all material and spiritual blessings to him. He grants his health, youth, possessions and everything else. And He is the One Who will take them all back. aware that Allah creates everything with goodness and wisdom, a muslim woman experiences the ease of knowing that a harm coming to her possessions or health would ultimately turn into beauty and goodness for her. for this reason, she never feels daunted in the face of a peril, difficulty or a risky situation.”
assuming another personality or religion for a day, allows me to have a clearer and solid perspective of an ethnic group that has been receiving negative reactions from us christians because of the impressions they have projected especially on being autonomous. we tend to build an invisible chasm once we encounter muslims forgetting that they are our brothers…

indeed, “bnw” celebration does not only provide me the catwalk to be a muslim fashionista but it gives me the avenue in making a statement that religion must never be an issue among muslims and christians for we will always be filipinos.

if you want to see the complete documentation of this affair, please visit

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