april fool’s running

a cross betweeen guilt and pity.

i think this is what my husband felt when he surprisingly suggested last night that we do an early morning run at evia today. i had to agree at once since i have been running irregularly after my last registered run in legazpi city on february 12.
setting my alarm clock at 5 a.m. i went to bed early. my husband is an early riser and to be the one to suggest a training run is a once-in-a-blue-moon moment from him.
with our youngest son in tow, we left our house at around 5:15 a.m. and with the clear road along daang hari, we were able to reach evia at daang reyna within 25 minutes.
no one was in sight in the running and cycling hub. we were the very first people there.
lancelot, all geared up for running
lancelot, all geared up for running
the father and son tandem
the father and son tandem
spreading my arms wide...a symbolism?
spreading my arms wide…a symbolism?
so without any delay, we started our run after doing a warm-up. i started slow as i could still feel a little pain in my left lower leg. i did not tell my husband about it fearing that he would decide not to push through with the run which i sooo wanted. so, i continued trying not to push myself. and slowly, as i increased my pacing, the pain disappeared. i was very thankful. minus the pain, i was able to do 6 loops which are equivalent to roughly 3 kilometers. according to rommel corro, a colleague who has also been running in that area, 1 loop there is almost a kilometer. i had to believe him being a seasoned triathlete.
the sun was already up when i took a break. unfortunately, i was not able to resume it. lancelot was already impatient. after doing 1 loop, he already complained of tiredness and hunger.
tired and hungry knight
tired and hungry knight
my husband, whose stamina and endurance are far better than mine, had to cut short his running also. you know, in our “royal gines” family, a knight is more powerful than the king and the queen. 🙂 🙂 
 we had to leave evia even before the area started buzzing noisily. we could have waited for the “goto” (porridge) vendor to come, but we would not want to piss off lancelot, who was the only one among our three sons, expressing an interest in running.
good thing, we were still able to request him to take our photo despite the bad mood that he was in.
looking like real pro (fooled?)
looking like real pro (fooled?)
leaving the area, i had to remind knight not to accompany us any more the next time we go back to evia. he opposed it. i did not repeat what i said. 

it’s enough to know that he wants to run as much as i do. secretly, i hoped that my husband would support that “wanting”, too.



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