Conquering Acrophobia

I am like MacGyver .

I have the fear of height. This is the main reason why I only rode a ferries wheel once and did not dare join my sister Nano in the roller coaster cyclone at Enchanted Kingdom the first time we went there.
But today, I succeeded in overcoming my acrophobia. I felt it’s about time that I did it having to advertise myself that I am adventurous and love taking risks. The zipline adventure at Picnic Grove, Tagaytay City provided me the chance to do my ala-Fear Factor moment. And who could be the best person to accompany me in this quest but my husband Larry?
a picture before going to the zipline ridge
a picture before going to the zipline ridge
drawing more courage from my knight...hehehe...
drawing more courage from my Knight
Paying Php 300 ($ 6.02) each for the one-way ride/combination (Php 400 [$48.03] each on weekends and holidays), we decided to take a shot of it. Funny isn’t it? There I was, shelling out an amount to subject myself to a “torture.” Hahaha… Just like paying to enter a haunted house where you would be screaming and putting yourself in jeopardy of having a heart attack (my siblings, nieces, nephews and I did this before at Boom Na Boom). Well, this is one of the idiosyncrasies of human beings. And I had it again today.
From the time we paid for the ride, I could already feel not only butterflies but all kinds of insects in my stomach. It even increased as we followed the queue going up the starting base. My husband kept on looking at me, obviously checking if there would be a sign of retreating. Nada. I told myself that it’s too late to think of backing out. I had to go for it.
waiting for our turn
waiting for our turn
We reached the base. The members of the staff prepared our harness. I saw my husband doing his own inspection. His call, being a trained and licensed safety officer. It decreased my anxiety. I reminded myself, “Mau, you are in good hands when you are with Larry.
putting the harness on me
putting the harness on me
securing the harness
securing the harness
zipline adventure 30.11.11 018
on stand by…
smiling to fight the fear
smiling to fight the fear
Then the countdown…3…2…1! Weeeeeeeeeeeeee! In seconds, we found ourselves in the air. I did a quick look below, but regretted it because my stomach did a somersault making me feel very very weak. Larry gripped my right hand and it brought me back to reality the same time that we reached the other end of the line. Wow. It’s over. It did not even last for three minutes! All for Php 600 ($ 12.04)!
Before our harness was removed, a photographer instructed us to pose for the free souvenir picture. I had to flash my widest grin which was a smile of victory.
free souvenir shot #1
free souvenir shot #1
free souvenir shot #2
free souvenir shot #2
With the two free souvenir photos, my husband and I also bought a mug for each of us bearing the scripted poses. You know, we really wanted that adventure to be well-documented. Hahaha.
As we left the zipline ridge, I started feeling normal again. My shaky legs began regaining their strength which was sapped during the mercurial ride.
With the pictures that followed suit, nobody would think that I thought I would not make it while I was up there in the air.
with my personal safety officer
with my personal safety officer
the face from a battle...
the face from a battle
normal again!
normal again
off to another wandering...
off to another wandering
But I did it. I conquered my fear.
Maybe…yes! Maybe… I will do a two-way zipline ride next time.

Deer me?

Dear me?

Dare me?

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