Be Free My Wild Feet


The lone word which I wanted to shout when my feet touched the race track for the first time on August 21, 2010. 
Every sinewy muscles in my body sang in unison as I finished my first 5-k run. I got tons of sweat, but no tiredness was felt as I continued listening to the beautiful sonata which I had composed from running for almost 40 minutes.

be free1

My smile wouldn’t leave my lips. I wanted to verbally share my happiness to fellow runners despite being all unfamiliar to me. I wanted to share with them what I had discovered in my first attempt in running but my overflowing joy just made me keep quiet and savor the beautiful feeling alone. Yes, it was something that put me in a euphoria.
I couldn’t deny that the self-fulfillment which I felt in my first running experience assured me that my determination to achieve something new was really very strong. It was the motivating force to start a sport which I believe would bring beautiful changes in my life. Secretly, I aimed to conquer more challenging runs. 
One year had already elapsed after that memorable run in our village. Now, I had elevated the category that I have been joining in. From 5k, I am now running in the 21-k distance. It was the best move that I made to get out of my comfort zone. August 28 gave me my third 21k. It was a run which I dedicated to my loving father on his birthday. 
Indeed, I became a daredevil in this sport. Setting a personal test of discipline, energy, and endurance became akin to stubbornness. Danger was also put in oblivion as I took the risk of waking up very early in the morning just to be at the venue. I forgot what might happen to me along the way as I stayed focused on the race that awaited me. Every stride I took as I near the  starting line synchronized with the beat of excitement my heart felt. If my movements were done in a slow motion, it could have been a perfect scene for a suspense story.
Really, what is it in running that made me cling to it? What is it in running that made me defy the orders of my husband? This, I want to answer. 
Running is an expression of one’s inner self. It provides an arena in achieving one’s freedom. One runs without inhibitions and restrictions as he just lets his body move toward that finish line. The pacing doesn’t matter either. What matter is completing the race whatever the odds may be. One must never surrender in the course of the run. Likened to our personal battle with LIFE, we have to have the “never-say-die” attitude. We must not let the trials and challenges defeat us. Doing so would make us belong to the weak, to the conquered, and to the defeated.
Being a bull, I knew I would not stop myself from running. I knew, I am putting my relationship with my husband at stake, but as of now, I am willing to pay the price for the unexplainable rapture that running brings to me.

People may call me insensible and selfish, but I am willing to be  called as such in exchange for my happiness and contentment.

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